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Honors Awarded

1st Battalion 9th Marines

Presidential Unit Citation Streamer with two Bronze Stars

World War II

Iwo Jima - 1945


1965 - 1967


Presidential Unit Citation (Army) Streamer



Navy Unit Commendation Streamer



 Asiatic - Pacific Campaign Streamer with four Bronze Stars

World War II Victory Streamer

National Defense Service Streamer with one Bronze Star

 Korean Service Streamer

 Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamer with one Bronze Star

 Vietnam Service Streamer with two Silver Stars

 Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm Streamer

Vietnam Civil Actions/First Class with Palm Streamer

Source:  NAVMC HQ 617E (10-81) (5750) Signed 12 April 1988 by General A. W. Gray Commandant of the Marine Corps



Vietnam Service Medal

1.     Eligibility Requirements General

a.  Awarded to all members of the Armed Forces of the United States serving at anytime between 04 Jul 1965 and 28 Mar 1973 in the area defined under the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for Vietnam.

b.  Awarded to all members of the Armed Forces ofthe United States in Thailand, Laos or Cambodia or the air space thereof, between 4 July 1965 and 28 March 1973 and serving in direct support of operations in Vietnam.

c.   Members qualified for the AFEM by reason of service between 1 July 1958 and 3 July 1965 (inclusive) in an area for which the Vietnam Service Medal was subsequently authorized shall remain qualified for that medal. Upon application, any such member may be awarded the Vietnam Service Medal in lieu of the AFEM for such service. However, no person shall be entitled to both awards for service in an area for which the Vietnam Service Medal has been authorized.

d.  Marines that were awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for participating in Operation Frequent Wind from 29-30 April 1975 are now entitled to exchange it for the Vietnam Service Medal per Section 542 in Public Law 107-314. Operation Frequent Wind, 29-30 April 1975, will be reflected as the 18th campaign under the Vietnam Campaign.

e.  A 3/16-inch diameter Bronze Star or a 3/16-inch Silver Star in lieu of five bronze stars, is authorized to be worn on the suspension ribbon and ribbon bar of the Vietnam Service Medal for each of the following campaigns:

1.     Vietnam Advisory Campaign........15Mar62 to 07Mar65.

2.     Vietnam Defense Campaign.........08Mar65 to 24Dec65.

3.     Vietnam Counter-offensive..........25Dec65 to 30Jun66.

4.     Vietnam Counter-offensive II.......01Jul66 to 31May67.

5.     Vietnam Counter-offensive III.....01Jun67 to 29Jan68.

6.     Tet Counter-offensive...................30Jan68 to 01Apr68.

7.     Vietnam Counter-offensive IV.....02Apr68 to 30Jun68.

8.     Vietnam Counter-offensive V.......01Jul68 to 01Nov68.

9.     Vietnam Counter-offensive VI.....02Nov68 to 22Feb69.

10.  Tet 69 Counter-offensive..............23Feb69 to 08Jun69.

11.  Vietnam, Summer-Fall 1969..........09Jun69 to 31Oct69.

12.  Vietnam, Winter-Spring 1970.......01Nov69 to 30Apr70.

13.  Sanctuary Counter-offensive.......01May70 to 30Jun70.

14.  Vietnam Counter-offensive VII...01Jul70 to 30Jun71.

15.  Consolidation I...............................01Jul71 to 30Nov71.

16.  Consolidation II.............................01Dec71 to 29Mar72.

17.  Vietnam Ceasefire Campaign......30Mar72 to 28Jan73.

18.  Operation Frequent Wind.............29Apr75 to 30Apr75

f.      Special Note:  You are entitled to wear one (1) star for each campaign period that you were in country.


Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation

1. Authorization. Awarded by the Chief of the Joint General Staff, Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces in two colors:

1. Gallantry Cross Medal Color with Palm (8 Feb 62 to 28 Mar 73).

2. Civil Actions Medal, First Class Color with Palm (1 Jan 65 to 28 Mar 73).

3. The Secretary of the Navy has specifically authorized certain units of the naval service to accept this award. Such authorization is required in all cases for participation.

2. Eligibility Requirements. The ribbon bar with frame and palm are authorized for wear by personnel who served with certain cited units in Southeast Asia during the approved periods. Lists of approved ships and units, which have been cited, are maintained by the CNO and CMC.

3. In addition to those specific ships/units cited, all Navy and Marine Corps personnel who served "in country" Vietnam during the eligibility periods are eligible for both awards.



Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

1.     Eligibility Requirements. U.S. Armed Forces personnel qualify for the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal under one or more of the following conditions:

1.     Wounded or injured in hostile action.

2.     Captured by the opposing force during actions or in the line of duty, but later rescued or released

3.     Killed in action or in line of duty.

4.     Served 6 months in South Vietnam or 6 months outside the geographical limits of South Vietnam, but contributing direct combat support to the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces during such period. The 6 months required need not be consecutive. For personnel serving outside the geographical limits of South Vietnam, the 6-month requirement will be considered fulfilled if such personnel earn the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal/Vietnam Service Medal, and served in the eligibility area for these two awards during each of the 6 months.

5.     Assigned in Vietnam on 28 January 1973 and either served a minimum of 60 days in Vietnam as of that date, or completed a minimum of 60 days service in Vietnam during the period from 29 January 1973 to 28 March 1973, inclusive.

5. Sources;


DOD 1348.33M - Manual of Military Decorations & Awards

SECNAVINST 1650.1G - Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual

NAVMC 2922 - United States Marine Corps Unit Awards Manual

MCO P1020.34G - Marine Corps Uniform Regulations

NAVMC HQ 617E (10-81) (5750) Signed 12 April 1988 by General Gray Commandant of the Marine Corps

If your DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) does not show these awards contact the National Personnel Records Center to see if you are entitled to them.

You may write to:

National Personnel Records Center

Marine Corps Branch

9700 Page Boulevard

St. Louis, MO 63132

Individual Awards

If you were decorated with one of the medals on the following pages but don’t find your name, please notify the web master using the Contact Us page.